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Buying A Dress


A Modest Gown

A Modest Price

Fast & Free Shipping

Every dress must meet our standards of modesty (see below) before we approve it to be listed on the site.

Each dress is listed at a fraction of retail price. Most are up to 75% off! 

Each seller has agreed to ship within 5 days and cover the cost of shipping. They use 2-day shipping, so you should receive the dress within 1-2 weeks!

Our Modesty Standards

What do we mean by a modest dress? Here are some qualifiers:


  • The dress has sleeves. Not just straps, but at least cap sleeves or longer

  • The dress does not go too low in the front or in the back**

  • The dress is not too short!



Note: We do allow see-through lace on the sleeves. This can be filled in easily by a local seamstress if needed. Visit our blog post on amazing, cheap vendors to figure out how to find one for a good price!


**We do not accept extremely low-cut dresses. That being said, what is high on one person may be low on another due to chest size. What do we recommend? Body tape! Find it at any sewing supply store



If the dress was not as listed let us know ASAP. The money you paid for the dress is not sent to the seller for 10 days.** If you have not contacted us within that 10 days, you forfeit the right to a refund. 


You will be refunded if:


  • The product details are wrong

    •  it is a different color or size

  • There is damage that was not listed in the dress description

    • rips or tears 

    • yellowing or stains

  • It is a completely different dress than the pictures

If there was nothing wrong with the dress, but it just turns out not to be "the one," no worries! My Modest Gown will allow you to relist the dress for no listing fee at a price of your choosing. 


** The 10 days starts as soon as we are notified the dress has been shipped. It does not start upon receipt of the dress. Sellers ship the item using priority 2-day. If they shipped using standard 5-7 days, then 5 extra days will be added to your alloted 10. You can see when the item was shipped on the shipping label.


Do you have a store front?


Yes! Currently we are only in Missouri, but are set to open doors elsewhere soon. Visit our budget bridal shop.


Is it safe to buy a used dress?


It is if you buy from My Modest Gown! All of the money transactions go through us. Your money will not be sent to the seller until you have had time to make sure the dress is as described. This way, there is no risk!


What is your returns policy?


Click here to learn about returns


Will the dress be professionally cleaned?


Whether the dress has been professionally cleaned or not will be listed under the dress description. If it has not been cleaned, the price of the dress should reflect this. Check out our budget wedding blog on how to professionally clean your wedding dress!


Can I rent a dress?


Yes! We allow rentals at our store location. Contact us with any questions!

Who pays shipping?


Not you! The seller will ship the dress to you at no additional cost.


Do you provide International delivery?


Currently we do not deliver internationally. We give the sellers very set instructions on how to ship the dress, which does not apply to international shipping. This may be added in the future.


How do I know what size to buy?


Check out our Wedding Dress Sizing Guide


How long will it take to receive my dress?


We give the seller 5 days to ship your dress. They ship using USPS 2-day shipping, so you should receive your dress within 1-2 business weeks! 


Are the dresses LDS temple worthy?


The majority will work with garments. However, we do allow sheer lace sleeves. If that is the dress you love, you can easily get it lined, or wear a shirt underneath.

Refund contact

Have any questions or concerns? 

We’re always ready to help!



Fill out the form

or Send us an email:



For Refunds:


~ Include the dress name and the price you bought it for

~ Clearly explain why you need a refund

~ Send pictures of exactly what is wrong with the dress

*We will get back to you within two business days with furthur instructions


Success! Message received.

Stay up to date on new dresses and budget wedding tips!

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