Amazing Fitted Ivory Lace dress. This dress has everything you could want! There is gorgeous lace with beading that covers the entire dress. It is fitted and has beautiful 3/4 length sleeves. It has a peek-a-boo skirt, where you are able to see your shoes. The tulle underneath were my original wedding colors (it's not dirty! That can be taken out easily). The scalloped neckline is unique and there is a high neck. Altered in to a 16, but originally an 18.

Size 16 Ivory Lace 3/4 Sleeves Mermaid

Color: Ivory
  •  It is a size 18, but has been altered in to a size 16. It can be altered back out! It is LDS temple worthy. The sleeves were added. It has not been professionally cleaned. I added colored tulle underneath. There is already a bustle on it!

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