This dress is a square-neck dress with a faux-high-neck in lace. It has buttons from the top of the high collar to the waistline that hide the zipper when they are buttoned up. This dress also features a bubble-skirt bottom layer, which adds a bit more flare to this fit-and-flare silhouette. After it was worn, it was professionally cleaned and preserved. One, small, light stain (about the size of a dime) showed up afterwards on the bodice near the chest, which can be removed.

Size 6 High-neck Lace Dress with Bubble Skirt

  • The dress was hemmed and a bustle was placed in both the bottom layers. One of those bustle hooks is missing. Also, some additional lace was put it at the back of the neck to allow for swelling in the summer heat.

    Length: 5.8"


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