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How do I know when my dress sells?


We will notify you as soon as your dress sells. If it sells online, the bride will have 10 days to make sure it matches the description online. If it sells in our store, we will send you the check!


Will my dress still be online?


Yes! That way it will have an increased chance of selling. If it sells online, we will notify you then ship it to the bride for you.


Is there really no commission?


Yes! We will add a shop fee to your asking price that will be charged to the bride, not you.

Consign FAQ

Where do I send my dress?


We currently have a consignment store in Missouri However, there are drop-off locations in Utah, Missouri, and Kentucky. If you are not close to any of these, you may ship your dress to us! We will refund the shipping when it sells. 


Will I make more money by sending it to the shop?


Yes, you can! Brides are willing to pay more for a dress they can actually try on. 


What if I want my dress back?


Just let us know! You may come pick it up or have it shipped back to you.

Brides are not allowed to return your dress for anything other than the dress is not as described. She will have 10 days to examine the dress. Make sure you fill out the dress information correctly. Try to list (and take a picture of) everything about your dress that may be viewed as a flaw. We will pay for the return shipping and then will deduct it from the next time your the dress sells. 

How quickly will my dress sell?


It may sell immediately! If it is a size/style we do not have in our shop, we may offer to buy it. Otherwise it depends when the next bride finds it as her dream dress. We advertise everywhere she will be looking and guarantee you can sell it quicker through us than on your own.


What do I have to do to sell my dress?


All you have to do is submit your dress through the form. We will do the rest! Although, if you would like to increase your chances, feel free to share your listing and the site on social media!


What does it cost to sell my gown?


It costs nothing. We do not even take a commission. We do ask that you cover the shipping cost if you're selling online (always under $25) but you could add $25 to your asking price to make up for it. 


I want to send my dress to your store. What do I do next?


Great choice! We would love to have you consign with us here. Learn more at "Consign FAQ"


How do I get paid?


Your choice. My Modest Gown will either send you a check in the mail (default) or pay you through Paypal. We will notify you when your dress sells and you can let us know which you prefer.

Seller FAQ

How do I ship my dress?


When your dress sells, you will receive simple step-by-step instructions on how to ship it. Shipping is usually under $25, we can help you do it. We do recommend adding insurance.


Is this secure?


Yes! The bride pays us and then we pay you. This way we are able to verify the money is there. 


How do I price my dress?


Your gown is sentimental. Figure out a price you'd be happy with, then add $25 (to cover shipping). That way you still get the money you want from it! For help, read our post How to Price My Dress


Do you allow returns?


No. Once your dress is sold, it's sold! The bride may only return it if it was misrepresented on your listing (ex. there were rips/stains/discoloration not mentioned, different dress, different color) 


I submitted my dress. How long does it take to list?


Congratulations! You will receive an email when it is approved and listed. This generally is within 2 business days.

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