Free or Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

Think you don't have the money for a honeymoon? Think again!

Many budget brides resign themselves to a so-so dress, medoicre venue, and no honeymoon. I am here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way! We've solved your dress problem. You can find our other post about finding inexpensive venues. Now we will relieve your nerves about your honeymoon.


No budget? No problem. If you can pay for gas and groceries, you can take any of these honeymoons!

Camping: Grab the gear (or borrow!) and head to the fresh air! Did you know that camping is free as long as it is on public state or forest service land? It's called dispersed camping. You can plant a tent anywhere. Just make sure you check your local fire and water restrictions. Nothing brings you closer to your new spouse than a week of disconnecting with the material world and connecting to the natural.

Cabin/RV: My parents always tell the story of how they stayed for free in a cabin. It didn't have heat or running water, but it was the perfect cuddling honeymoon. Once again, put out feelers. Your mom's cousin owns a cabin? Your fiancee's boss has a mobile home sitting in his yard? Someone has extra vacation days at a resort they aren't using?

Staycation: You don't have to go anywhere to have a perfect honeymoon! Take a week off of work. Log out of facebook. Shut down your phone. Light candles. Rent movies. Check out this website for romantic ideas to do at home.

House-sit: These can be hard to come by, but if you can schedule it just right, they're amazing! Put out feelers and see if anyone is going on an extended vacation and wants their home watched over. You can have an amazing home all to yourself and even get paid for it!

UNDER $500

Air BnB: Love this option! People rent out their home, a room, a couch, anything for a great price. Figure out a secluded place you'd like to visit and see if there are any options for you. I found some adorable apartments for $65 a month in our metropolis. Check it out here.

Bed and Breakfast: I have an addiction of looking at Bed & Breakfasts. They have themed rooms, usually with a hot tub, and provide a deliscious breakfast that requires no work on your end. They are the perfect romantic getaway.

Cabin: If you weren't able to find a connection to someone with a cabin, then find one for cheap! There are some gorgeous secluded deals out there. It all depends where you live.

UNDER $1,000

High-End Resort: Much of the cost of a honeymoon comes in travel fees. Eliminate the travel by going to a local high-end resort. Use all of the money you saved to go out to a nice dinner!

Cruise: Cruises can run as cheap as $60/night. Included in that price is the food, lodging, and travel to exoctic places. You can't beat that!

Rent a RV: Hotel on wheels! Perfect way to tour the country and be able to park whenever you want to. Rates vary depending on milage travelled, so keep that in mind.


There are many service or work opportunities out there that will pay for your travel fees, room & board, and pay you. My sister-in-law and her new husband took off for China to be teachers a few weeks after their wedding. Yes, it was a job. But they had 4 months with just eachother in a new, exotic place. You can teach, build a home, provide medical assistance. Find what you both are passionate about it and see if there's an option for you!

Have another inexpensive option? Leave it in the comments!

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