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Booking Budget Friendly Vendors

Our top 5 ways to find Budget Friendly Vendors!

1. Use the Professionals and get married on a weekday

My husband and I got married on a Thursday around 11 am. This may not work for everyone, but it was perfect for us! We were able to get amazing rates because it was not a commonly asked for time. This generally works for photographers, MUA's, officiants, flowers, and venues. However, if your vendor just does wedding gigs on the side this may not be an available option.

2. Online Wedding Directories

Vendors from your area will have profiles set up on online wedding directories. Not all of them are budget friendly, but it is a good place to go to compare prices, find styles that you like, and make connections. Some of the top are The Knot, Wedding Wire, and

3. Facebook

Facebook is a gold mine of wedding resources. Find your local wedding facebook yardsale page and become active! You can connect with other brides and find vendors who are looking to make it in to the wedding scene. Many of these vendors will help with your wedding for dirt cheap or even free in order to build their portfolio. I recommend to only book vendors from facebook that have a legitimate page or website or that come recommended from other brides. There are a few scammers that advertise with pictures that aren't their actual work. I planned a bridal photo shoot and was able to find a photographer, MUA, and great location suggestions all for free!

4. Contact local churches

Churches support marraige and thus many will go out of their way to help you! Chapels are typically available. Gyms for receptions can be free. Religious clergy generally don't charge. You can have a gorgeous wedding for an amazing price if you decide to go the church route.

5. Shout out to Family and Friends!

You know people! Or the people you know do! Ask a favor of your friend in cosmetology school. Ask your neighbor for use of their cabin. Ask your brother's best friend to do your pictures. Trade services instead of money. If you are kind and grateful, others are very willing to help an engaged couple.

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