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Should I Sell? Letting Go or No

Having a hard time selling your dress? There are other options!

Photo: Scott Jarvie

The first step to selling your dress is always the hardest. Your gown is sentimental. You dreamed about it as a girl. You pinned it when Pinterest came out (and many times since). You felt the giddy-butterflies when you put it on in the shop and chose it as "the one." You shelled out tons of money for it. You wore it on one of the most important days of your life.

You hoped your future daughter would wear it. But wait. You didn't wear your mom's. Will your daughter really want to wear yours? The day of keeping a wedding dress in a cedar chest and passing it down for the next generation to use is over. Now when it goes in that box under your bed it doesn't come out (save to show to your daughter the one time she wants to see "what mommy wore"). This item you spent so much on - so much time, So much money- will likely never be used again. So you start to ask yourself, "Should I keep my wedding dress?"

We will attempt to help you discover if you're ready to part with your dress. If you come to the final conclusion that you are, we will list what options you have.


You've gotten this far in the post. So obviously, you have thought about passing on your dress. Maybe you're not ready for it yet, but the idea is there in the back of your mind. We first suggest asking yourself these three questions. If you say yes to any of them, you may need to think about finding a great way to preserve your gown.

Do you plan to use your dress again?

We are not suggesting that you plan on getting remarried! Some moms decide to remake their dress into a blessing or confirmation outfit for their daughter. Some wives decide to take a picture in their dress 20 years down the road as an anniversary present. Some brides decide they want to do a fun "trash the dress" photo shoot. If you crave

Would you notice within a month if someone stole your wedding dress?

This question doesn't count if your dress is hanging in your closet. Obviously you would notice the extra space you now have! But if you are like most of us, your dress has made it to a hard-to-reach storage place. You never get it out and probably wouldn't notice it being gone. A similar question you could ponder is "Would I run for my dress if the house caught on fire?"

Are you selling your dress just because you need money?

This is a toughy. We all understand the need for more money. Here you have this $2,000 gown sitting in your closet. If only you had that in cash! If you would gladly keep your dress for eternity if not for the fact that you need money, then please rethink selling it. Sell it at a time when you think "oh, that extra money would be nice, this is taking up space, I'm never going to use it, and I may as well, etc, etc ,etc" Not at a time when you need cash fast. Selling a wedding dress can turn in to a big headache. We're here to help you through that headache, but even still, it will backfire on you if you still have a strong attachment to the dress of your dreams.

All right, do you think you're ready? You think you can let it go, but will you?


Next you have the choice. What would you like to see happen with your dress? Would you like the most money you can out of it? Would you like to see a bride who can't afford much get a gorgeous dress for less? Would you like to donate it to a great cause? Would you like to see it on stage? It's up to you!


You can sell your dress. Where?

- Local online classifieds: Depending on where you live, this could be a great option. Find your local classifieds and see if they have a section dedicated to Wedding Dresses. If so, your dress will be seen. If not, search the clothing section for "Wedding Dress" and see what type of dresses come up. Is it a place you believe brides will look?

- Local facebook yardsale groups: Every town I know of has a facebook yardsale group. Post on there. Even better, find the Wedding Yard Sale group for your state. This will have brides searching for vendors and they may fall in love with your dress!

- Online consignment sites: Such as this one! We are geared towards modest dresses, but there are sites for any wedding dress. Take note, these sites usually charge a listing fee and/or a commission. However, they do reach thousands of brides and are a great no-hassle way to sell your dress.

- Consignment shops: There are very few of these around. Why? Because most bridal shops realize they can make a lot more money by buying a new dress from the retailer and marking it up 500%. Most consignment shops will sell your dress for you for a commission fee (usually between 40%-75% the sale price). Some will give you the price you want for the dress, but mark it up $100-$200 for the bride. We have contracts for both options, depending on your asking price!

- Yard Sale: One in a million chance, but you can try it!

We will have many future posts about selling your dress, such as how to price your dress, the pictures to use, the tools to a good description, and more! Stay tuned!


There are so many places that will accept wedding dresses! Here are some of our top choices:

Angel Gowns: Your wedding dress will be turned into a beautiful gown for families who have suffered the loss of an infant. There are many people who do this country-wide. Search in your area to find one near you.

Military Brides: Brides Across America gives donated gowns to military brides

Online: Get on that facebook page and list your dress as "FREE: To Bride in Need." You'll touch someone's life and many others who see your charitable example

Bridal Shops: Some bridal shops will take donated wedding dresses to give away to brides in need. Contact those around you to see if this is an option.

Theaters: Maybe your dress is meant for the stage? Local theaters sometimes look to the community for a wedding dress for the upcoming show.

Let us know! Are you going to Keep your Gown? Sell it? Donate?

Here's what I did! (It's been used by several other brides, but I still keep it ;) It helps that I have a professional photographer as a husband! I plan on little girl pictures in my dress, to make a baby blessing outfit out of one layer of skirt, and to let whomever needs it use it!)

Tune in next week at My Modest Gown to learn How to Price Your Wedding Dress!

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