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The Pictures that Sell

I would argue that the absolute most important part of listing your wedding dress is...




The picture is the first thing that a bride sees of your listing. It is what makes them decide whether to find out more or keep scrolling. In this world of instagram, snapchat, and newsfeeds, you need to stand out. With an excellent picture, you will be able to not only sell your dress faster, but for a higher price.


Here are my suggestions on what to select as your main picture, ranging from PLEASE DON'T to BEST:


Have bad quality.

Some people lay their dress out on the bed, snap a picture with their phone and don't even bother to turn the light on. Others upload pictures that are so grainy you can't see the dress at all. You could have a stunning dress, but no one would ever know. You completely diminished its worth by not trying.


A picture of the dress hanging or laying out.

Depending on your background, these could go quite well. Make sure the lighting is good, the wrinkles are out of your dress, and you choose the way that shows off the style of your dress the best (ex. dresses size 14+ do not look good hanging unless you have a form inside). Find a good, clean, background with minimal distractions.


Picture of you in the dress.

Whether this is you wearing the dress out on your lawn or a picture from a so-so photographer, it is good to have a picture of someone wearing the dress. It shows the shape of the dress, how it hangs, and makes it easier for the bride to imagine. Make sure the dress is the focus of the picture and there is a clean background with minimal distractions. If you or the dress for some reason look awkward, it probably is better to go back to a laying/hanging picture.


Model Pictures.

These pictures have been professionally calibrated to sell the dress. If you know the Designer and model number of your dress, use the Model Picture as your main picture! Then include others after.


Bridals from an amazing photographer.

You had a wonderful photographer who took bridals of you in the dress, who will let you post the picture when trying to sell. The picture is either completely stunning or has a lot of color. This will help it stand out amongst all of the other listings. A bride will look at the gorgeous picture and figure that she will look like you if she buys the dress. You will have many more brides contacting you and will be able to raise the price to meet the demand.

When it comes to Wedding Dresses, a picture really is worth a thousand...bucks.

But don't just take my word for it. See for yourself!

Each row contains the same dress. How would you rate the pictures?

NEXT UP: How to write a dress description!

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